Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fan Ramblings – Potential Batman 3 Villains

I’m not the first one to talk about this by any means, but I figured I’d better get my two cents out there while the topic is still relevant. Details are scare about the new Batman movie, but that has never stopped fans from having ideas and opinions on what they hope will happen. As soon as we walked out of The Dark Knight Returns my friends and I were already speculating about what the final chapter of the trilogy would hold.

At the end of the last movie, Batman is on the run from the law, the city turned against the man who wants to protect it. Once you decide that your masked vigilante is a problem, it makes sense to call someone in to help you to get rid of the problem.

Enter Bane. In DESPERATE need of a movie reboot after the Batman movie we all like to not talk about, Bane could be a great villain for this movie. In the previous two movies Batman has faced Scarecrow and the Joker both villains who taxed Batman mentally. But we haven’t really seen anyone pull out all the stops and drive Batman to his absolute physical limit. As the final movie in the trilogy some major fight scenes will be expected and this is a character that could deliver. Bane seems like a better choice than other physical villains like Clayface or Killer Croc as he seems to fit into the movie universe more seamlessly (since he basically uses drugs to power up). Bane as hired by the cops isn’t really a new idea as it worked very well in The Batman Animated Series. There is no shame in stealing ideas from cartoon series. Speaking of which…

Seriously badass

ALL of our villains up to this point have been male. I would hate to see the trilogy close out without showcasing at least one of Batman’s fantastic female rogues. And since our last movie heavily showcased the Joker it makes sense for elements of that story to flow into the final movie.

Enter Harley Quinn. Untouched potential as far as movies go, Harley is a great character and I feel justified in calling her a fan favorite. Her origin could be tweaked for the movie universe if necessary, as the most important aspect is her obsession with and total devotion to the Joker. With the tragic death of Heath Ledger it would be impossible to film scenes of Dr. Quinsel, Arkham Asylum psychologist, working with the Joker, but I’m confident that the writers could come up with a creative way around that or a convincing origin for her. If the movie wanted to stay away from characters that had been previously used in movies, Harley is an excellent choice. She’s recently gotten some out of comics exposure with a very creepy appearance in the Arkham Asylum game, showing that she can be adapted to the needs of the media and can fit a more serious role. And while we’re on the topic of female characters…

Fan made poster of just how awesome it could be

With the death of Bruce’s main love interest at the end of The Dark Knight Returns the door is open for another woman in Bruce’s very complicated love life to step in.

Enter Catwoman. No powers, just a girl who likes nice things and is willing to steal to get them. Catwoman has had a ton of interpretations over the years from out and out villain, to gentleman thief, champion against eco-terrorism, to a sort of anti hero. She has a strong, complicated relationship with Batman. While Catwoman has been in a Batman movie before (as well as her own movie that we also don’t talk about) she is such a strong character that she could be interpreted a completely different way and still fit herself well into the movie universe. Depending on the rest of the cast Catwoman could fill the support to Batman role (since Nolan has said he will never include Robin ;_; ), or she could simply be a bad guy who flirts with him and tries to tempt him to the dark side. All in all, she is a comfortable character and one that many people probably expect to see. However, she isn’t the only woman to be romantically linked to Bruce Wayne.

Look at the possibilities!

With many trilogies you want to tie it all together as a nice little package. While it isn’t completely necessary to the success of the film it is often nice to bring up some unfinished business from the previous or first film. I already mentioned how Harley could tie into the events of the second film, but if they wanted to tie all the way back to the first film a different character could take the stage.

Enter Talia al Ghul. Ra’s al Ghul was a bit of a surprise in the first movie and Talia would be another character than many casual fans might not really know. Talia is probably not the first person people would think of when listing Batman’s rogues, and probably not even in the top ten, but she is full of potential. She is dangerous and sexy, which is probably very appealing to Hollywood script writers. Also, she doesn’t have a flashy costume to try to play with and her father is already well established in universe. Talia’s introduction as a love interest could probably be a bit more natural than other characters, as she would be there to avenge her father first and then things could get complicated or not. Either way, she is a great character who could really tie things together. With the city turned against him, it also makes sense for Bruce to look back into the darkness and reconsider the league of assassins.

I'll be happy as long as she doesn't replace anyone's spine

And lastly, in the previous movies we’ve seen Gotham’s mob families take a serious hit. It makes sense for someone to step in to try to fill the void that this has created.

Enter Black Mask. This underworld boss could quickly find his place in the movie universe. He has the creepy factor (his mask is made from the lid of his father’s coffin) and he is skilled in fighting, weapons, and strategy, making him a viable threat. It also helps that his initial rage was against Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne for the amazing offense of bailing out his failing company (which he then took over of course). This could help show development in Bruce’s public image, maturing perhaps from the plucky playboy of the first film. Or that could be shifted to Luscious Fox; attacking Wayne Ent. is still going to get Batman’s attention either way. There is also his history with Catwoman, and while the movie wouldn’t want to exactly echo the events of the comics, there is potential there for an interesting relationship between the two if paired together in a movie. Unfortunately, Black Mask may not have the name recognition to really sell the third movie, especially with expectations as high as they are.

Even as a lego he is going to kill you

And there you have it. Since the villains have been playing in pairs, it’s also important to look at who each villain could work well in a story with (not necessarily working together on a plan, but making sense in the same story). My ideal choice from the above? All things considered, I’d really like to see Bane and Talia. There are clearly lots of possibilities, and they may come way out of left field with someone and completely surprise us.

What do you think? Who would you love to see in the third and final movie of this Batman trilogy?


  1. Alright I like some one your picks and the reasoning, please allow me to interject my perspective.

    As you stated the end of the second film Batman is on the run and realistically the cops will be unable to catch him but it will not be primarily due to physical reasons, although from the end of Dark Knight it is clear the entirety of the Gotham PD SWAT can’t take him. Bane can actually be used to battle Batman on both fronts. Yes everyone remembers Bane as the big strong dude, but Bane is also the only person to actually beat Batman, a feat even the Joker has been unable to perform! Batman has admitted this otherwise I would argue it myself. If they continue it out to five films I would like to see Bane brought in for his own reason of competing with Batman, have him compete and find Batman lacking and leave to return in the fifth film, once Batman is fully matured, and then really have it out. I feel this could work because the first film turn Bruce Wayne into Batman, the second Batman into the Dark Knight, but he has not yet become the Detective (as Ra’s always called him). Speaking of…

    Bane was once Ra’s pick over Batman to take his place and marry Talia, Talia refuted Bane’s advances and Bane went to Gotham to eliminate Batman and only failed due to Talia’s intervention. I bring this up to show that Bane and Talia have there own history and that could be used to bring them both in. I feel there maybe some issues with using Talia. I the first film Ra’s was shown as the leader of the League of Shadows, whether Ra’s is actually immortal or a title handed down from leader to leader if left unclear but is suggested the it is a title. Using Talia could take away from that mystique, as she would be the new leader or the daughter of one of the old one there for revenge. While both are doable the first has a strike against in that there were never any female members of the League shown. If she was a member did Bruce know her, relationship from comics or not? The second has a strike against because all the member of the League had lost all they cared about, Liam Nesson’s character.

    Harley Quinn, the main issue with her is her complete devotion to the Joker. In the comics the only time she does anything with out him is after the Joker throws her out and Ivy talks her out of sulking and waiting for Mr. J to come back. I love Harley I think she makes an amazing character but I think it would be had to be true to the character with the current set up. If someone has found a away to make it work then awesome I just think the character would lose too much to bring her in now.

    Catwoman. Two movies ago they said never, but those statements rarely stand the test of time, especially in comics.

    On to the mob! Yes the mob in Gotham is totaled which leaves a huge power vacuum and with Batman on the run he may not be able to stop something new from popping up. The creep factor works great as well as having a hate on for Wayne Enterprises. An interesting way to bring this into play is let Black Mask be a former Arkham inmate. It would help explain the creepiness. More importantly it could be used to explain how he can so quickly gain control of the organized crime. Inmates of Arkham, victims of the Scarecrow, released due to his false witness and all having safely weathered the storms of Batman and the Joker. This would also be a great way to bring in Victor Zsasz, who has already been shown in the first film (when the inmates are release, Google the name and you’ll find the pictures) and Rachel argues with the Dr. about his status earlier in the film. I must say this is not one that was high on my list originally but I am really starting to like it.

    I know what I would like to see in the 3rd film if they stretch the series out to five films, but if they stop at three I don’t know now what I would like to see…I will have to think on this.

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