Sunday, May 16, 2010

By the Numbers – April

This is pretty late, but I’ll post it for continuity’s sake. And since I still haven’t received my April shipment it’s not as late as it could be. I’ve decided not to post my monthly 50 anymore. I don’t think anyone will read it apart from me anyway. The Monthly 50 might eventually come back once I am in the states and will be getting comics at the same time as everyone else and can thus review them while they are still relevant. But for now, its shelved.

By the numbers however, is slightly more interesting if I didn’t just post the same info in list form, so we’ll keep it around. Now it allows for speculation about just which comics I’m getting and speculation might lead to discussion somewhere down the road once people wander onto the site.

Total comics for the month: 51
Change from last month: +10

Company Run Down
DC: 27
Vertigo (DC): 5
Wildstorm (DC): 1
Icon (Marvel): 2
Marvel Authors: 1
Image: 3
Top Cow (image): 1
Aspen: 1
Blacklist: 1
Boom!: 3
D. E.: 2
Dark Horse: 1
IDW: 2
Oni: 1

Average price I paid: $2.05

0 Issues: 2
First Issues: 5
Last Issues: 5

Ongoing: 25
One shot: 1

Batman Issues: 10
Superman Issues: 6
Brightest Day books: 3 (plus Blackest Night Directors Cut)

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