Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Reading List

The main reason I made this blog was to have a place to share my love of comics with others. And if we are reading the same books, it’s likely to spur conversation. And since for most of you summer is beginning (summer break in Japan doesn’t start until mid July) you should have some of this so called “free time.” And I think that reading good comics is a great use of anyone’s free time. So now you just need to find the good comics.

While I prefer to buy the monthly copies I know that a lot of people are now trade waiting in order to save money and to be sure that the product that they get is worth it (and some people simply don’t have a local comic shop where they can follow titles monthly and must depend on the collections in their local bookstore or library for their comic needs). For those of you who prefer this option I want to recommend a few things I think are worth your time and money. I have had these recommendations typed up and ready to go for several months now. So in the name of a better and more often updated blog I will be bringing you a summer reading list of the comic book variety. Not only will each entry have a brief synopsis and my personal recommendation (whatever that’s worth) but all entries will have links to interviews, previews, and anything else I can find that might be useful for someone who is trying to decide if they wanted to buy the book.

I want to get these entries up this week and next week. If you want to help encourage me to update this thing, PLEASE leave a comment on the entries. If you have read any of the titles I’m recommending, PLEASE comment on that entry, even if you disagree with me. I always want my reviews to be honest and I don’t mind other people’s opinions especially when they could help someone who is considering buying the product. And if you know anyone who likes comics, or who you want to start liking comics, please consider linking them to this blog. The recommendations here are all pretty accessible to new comic readers, and if there are issues with complicated continuity I’ll be sure to point it out. I won’t say there is something for everyone, but I there are several types of books represented, so even if one entry doesn’t stand out to you, you can check out the next one.

Quick taste of what's to come follows.  Check back soon for updates!

The Unwritten
Tiny Titans
Batwoman: Elegy
Adventure Comics: Superboy
Stuff of Legend
Beasts of Burden

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