Monday, September 27, 2010

By the Numbers – September

Total comics for the month: 55
Change from last month: 0

Company Run Down
DC: 29
Vertigo (DC): 4
Antarctic Press: 1
Ape: 2
Archaia Entertainment: 1
Aspen: 1
Boom!: 4
D. E.: 2
GG Studios: 1
IDW: 3
Image: 4
Oni: 1
Th3rd World Studios: 1
Zenoscope: 1

Average price I paid: $2.13

First Issues: 3
Last Issues: 2

Ongoing: 30
Mini-series: 25
One shot: 0

Batman Issues: 15
Brightest Day books: 6


  1. What Vertigo books are you reading besides Unwritten?

  2. Let's see...Unwritten, Greek Street (which ends in October and was okay), Sweet Tooth (which is pretty good, although it was dragging a little bit but it should read better in trade) and iZombie (which is AMAZING and everyone should be reading!! I did a Comic Buzz post on it a while back if you want to check it out).

    I'm also waiting on the last few issues of the mini series Joe the Barbarian (which isn't on the list here but still its a Vertigo book) and it is amazing and should be checked out when it comes out in trade (where I think it will read even better).