Monday, April 4, 2011

By the Numbers – March

Total comics for the month: 72 -_-;
Change from last month: +11

Company Run Down
DC: 37
Vertigo (DC): 5
Wildstorm (DC): 1
Marvel: 5
CrossGen (Marvel): 2
12 Gauge: 1
Aspen: 1
Boom!: 5
D. E.: 1
GG Studios: 1
IDW: 2
Image: 9
Oni: 1
Zenoscope: 1

Average price I paid: $2.18

First Issues: 7
Last Issues: 8

Ongoing: 39
Mini-series: 27
One shot: 4
Half Trade Thingies: 2

Batman Issues: 17

This is the most comics I have ever ordered in a month. There were several one shots this month, as well as a lot of final issues of minis and ongoings, so I’m hoping we will drop back down closer to 50 next month. I also ordered my 5 Free Comic Book Day Comics this month, but did not include them here since they won’t come in until May, and would skew things like average price paid. This is also the last month that Wildstorm will appear on my list. I know it hasn’t existed for a while now, but I stubbornly kept track of it until the last mini I was getting from them ended.

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