Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pull List Maintenance - New 52 in Review

Okay, so for a number of reasons, including an international move and comics piling up during the time surrounding the move and a long vacation in which comics piled up again, I have gotten rather far behind in my comic reading.  There are a few series (Morning Glories, for one) that I have stayed up to date on, but the most notable neglected comics have been the new 52.
You see, I had big dreams.  I wanted to be completely caught up on all of the old DCU before I stepped into the new DCU.  And I started out well.  And then I kinda burned out.  And so the new 52 just kept piling up.

My fiancĂ© was reading them and kept bugging me to do the same.  We bought a lot of the new 52 and so we always planned that we would drop the ones that we weren’t enjoying.  But with me not reading them there was no way to tell which we should be keeping and which we should be dropping.  So we just kept getting all of them.  But after this vacation I made a vow that this month, before we order any more comics, I would read all of the new 52 we currently have.  That’s 7 issues of about 28 series each. 

And so, since my lack of comic reading has also lead to this blog being neglected, I have decided to write up a short blurb on my thoughts about each series as I read them.  Things I like, things I don’t, things that don’t make any sense, and my thoughts on if I’m going to continue the series or not.  The write ups may be long, they may be short; there’s really no telling until I get going on it. 

And here we go!

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