Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comic Buzz – The Sixth Gun

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn (W) Brian Hurtt (A)
Oni, ongoing, 1st and 2nd issues available in July

I had no idea that I liked the genre of the “weird west” before I read the first issue of this comic. I have nothing against westerns in general; they just aren’t my normal cup of tea. I’ve seen a lot of good old western movies, but it’s not a genre I would ever call my favorite. But throw in supernatural stuff and you’ve easily got my interest.

You may have seen “The Sixth Gun” already as the first issue was Oni’s offering for Free Comic Book Day this year. Not a preview of the first issue; the whole first issue. But if you missed out, have no fear because Oni has wisely put the entire thing on the web for you to read at your leisure. And the issue is available for reorder (although this time it won’t be for the low, low price of free) to come out on the same day as issue 2 hits stores (which was last week, I'm slow getting this one up, sorry).

The story is set after the Civil War and centers around a magic gun sought by many a nefarious fellow. One of a set of six, the gun falls into the hands of a young innocent girl. Her best hope is the none too saintly Drake Sinclair, who has an agenda and secrets of his own.

The world is set up beautifully with a smattering of magical items and totems that I hope we’ll learn more about as time goes on. The most interesting thing to me is that even though this is a first issue, everything that they placed in this world genuinely feels like it belongs there. Nothing feels out of place or forced into the setting. The first issue was able to make me feel comfortable with the setting while still doing a good job of introducing characters and plot. My favorite part of his world so far is the Gallows Tree. The artist did a great job capturing the creepiness of this unnatural thing, while at the same time making it spellbindingly intriguing.

This series is already getting a lot of attention. There are several interviews online with the writer. There is a prose piece to help further introduce you to the world of “The Sixth Gun” which involves zombies and cannibals (I’ll also link parts two, three, and four to make them easier to find).

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