Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fan Ramblings – Aw Yeah, Kid’s Comics! UPDATE!

Well, well, well, it seems as though looks can be deceiving. According to the coverage of the DC Kids line at Comic Con, the Billy Batson and Batman titles aren’t being canceled after all! And they didn’t get uncanceled due to fan backlash or anything, they were never going anywhere in the first place. This seems to be the end of the current chapter for the books but they will keep right on coming with a new chapter.

According to the Newsarama coverage, these books will continue under new editorial leadership. Basically, it seems like an excuse to generate new #1 issues. And this may in fact be the only time that I can understand, and possibly support, the idea of a (more or less arbitrary) new #1 issue. The point was brought up during the panel that high numbers seem a little contrary for a kid’s comic. “Keeping them lower makes them seem younger for the kids,” Didio said. To me, this really makes sense. Kids can see a comic and they can feel the potential to have all the issues. They won’t be scared away by a high number that could seem intimidating to young readers (and the parents! I’m sure some mothers might worry about picking up issue #378 for their kid thinking, “How many of these things am I going to have to buy?” A number like 10 is much friendlier). The kid’s are young and the books for them should echo that youthful feeling. If the numbers get too high, it’s not just meant for them anymore. When you are trying to hook kids on the idea of comics, it makes sense to aim for something that feels uniquely theirs. Having said this, I rather hope that they don’t renumber Tiny Titans. I’d like that to be the exception to the rule, to really show how far kid’s comics can go. Plus I want Geoff Johns to draw a cover for issue #100.

On top of that a new kid’s comic was announced: “Young Justice.” Now many of us expected to see something for this upcoming cartoon series since DC seems to legitimately be trying to tie their TV properties back into the comics, but the best news of all was that it was hinted that the same team working on Billy Batson will be doing the Young Justice book! That means yet another kid’s title from the extremely talented Art Baltazar and Franco! I could not be happier with this news and will be picking up this title without fail.

Also of note, The Barenaked Ladies, at Comic Con for The Big Bang theory which they sing the amazing theme song for, apparently bought Tiny Titans books and gave the creators tickets and backstage passes to their show. The band was already swimming in cool points, but this breaks the flood gates on cool in my opinion.

Didio said more plans for kid’s books are in the works and that they plan to put out 6-8 kid’s books each month. I am curious if this is 6-8 books total including Looney Tunes and Scooby and the Cartoon Network stuff, or if this is 6-8 books involving DC characters and then those other books too. I’m assuming the former, but really hoping for the later. I’m actually very excited for the future of the DC Kids line right now.

The other bit of news that excited me was that DC addressed a few factors that might help these books sell to children! DC is looking into a potential $1 price point for an all-ages book so that KIDS CAN AFFORD COMICS! The issue of trying to get comics into other stores was mentioned too! And apparently the Tiny Titans/Little Archies crossover may be the best thing to happen to the comic. From the article Didio said:

“The Archie people have this amazing ability to get into areas that sometimes are harder to get into. So, as they put together the material with the Tiny Titans, you'll be seeing them out in grocery stores and department stores. There is a lot of regulation and stuff behind this. It's a lot of red tape but we will get them out there through the Archie folks”


But my point from the last post still remains. At the same panel Dan Didio said, “If the demand is there, we want to do as many of these books for the kids as we can.” So they still need your help and support and I still strongly encourage you to go pick up some books for kids you know the next time you visit your comic shop.

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  1. Getting comic books out in grocery stores (as the quote talks about) is very important. When I was a kid it was trips to the store with my mom that introduced me to comics and I bought all of them that I could.