Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve added a poll to find out how those who visit my blog enjoy their comics. I’d be very happy if you’d take a second to answer it. It will help me to know what kinds of posts will be the most helpful to those who are actually checking the blog on a somewhat regular basis. Of course I’ll still probably post a little bit of everything, but if one option is far more popular than the others I will know to give it a bit more attention. I like connecting with my readers through polls so don’t be surprised if more pop up in the future.

I’ve been a bit lax at posting here for a spell (as in did not post at all in December…), but I’m sure most everyone had more important things to do during the holidays than to read about what I think about comics. And I too had plenty of other things that kept me busy and away from this blog. I thought about posting a Christmas List post or a Top of 2010 post, but as I thought about what I would write I realized that I would just be repeating myself about the series I already post a lot about here. And since that wasn’t new or interesting I put it off and let it slip by. If you want to know what I thought was really good this past year check out the Waiting for Trade posts or even the Comic Buzz posts. Those are things I can recommend to you and will probably continue to remind you of in the future (until all of you have actually read them all, MWAHAHAHAH!).

I’ll try to keep this blog updated regularly this year with lots of fun and interesting content. I’m really feeling the difficulty of posting things that are timely when I get all my books a month late, but I’ll continue to do my best. It’s hard sometimes feeling like the only comic fan around since I haven’t found anyone here in Japan who shares my obsession (save my fiancé, who at this point doesn’t really have a choice). It’s also tough because when I do venture into the interwebs to find “likeminded” people I’m often overwhelmed by the amount of negativity out there among comic book “fans.” Everyone is free to express their opinions, but some people are so harsh on every little thing that it can be disheartening. Everyone is so vocal about what sucks and sometimes I think people enjoy hating on things more than they like sharing the things they are actually enjoying. While I’m probably going to hate on my fair share of things this next year, I promise to also try to present as many positive recommendations as I can. I set up this blog to share my love of comics with my friends and I won’t convince any friends to read comics if I don’t point them in the direction of things I think are worth a look.

Well, that’s about it for this long rambling post that is probably a bit boring. I promise to be back with more interesting content soon!

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