Saturday, January 15, 2011

Texas Friends! Meet a Comic Creator!

There is a new miniseries coming out that looks pretty interesting called “Who is Jake Ellis?” I ordered it and almost wrote up a Comic Buzz about it, but at the time I didn’t really have enough info about it and wasn’t quite as excited about it as I have been about the other Comic Buzz entries and then Christmas happened, so I didn’t. Anyhow, the first issue came out recently and I just found out that the author of the series, Nathan Edmondson, will be making a book tour to various comic stores to promote the book and sign autographs.

I was extra excited when I saw that he would be making not one but four stops in my “home state”* of Texas on January 18th-20th. So if you live in or near the Arlington, Dallas, Houston, or Austin areas I think you should take a look and consider heading down to meet this guy. I don’t know about everyone else, but opportunities to meet real comic creators aren’t exactly jumping out at me all the time, so this might be a fun experience. I mean, he’s not Grant Morrison or Brian Bendis or one of the tip top names in the industry, but he’s still a creative guy who works in the industry we all love. And if his book sounds interesting to you I think it would really be worth your time to head over and say hi. You can find more on the comic itself here and here.

Check out the schedule for details on stores, dates, and times. I’m only highlighting the Texas locations because that’s still where most people who read this blog are probably from (as in people I actually know), but if you’re from somewhere else check out the schedule and see if he’s headed to your neck of the woods as well.

*As an army brat I don’t really have a “home state” in the traditional sense, but I lived there longer than anywhere else, so it counts.

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