Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Monthly 50 – February

Normally these entries will come out much earlier, around the time I am ordering the comics, but since I’m just starting this blog I figured I’d go back a little for perspective. After all, these are the comics that are coming out right now, so I feel that it’s relevant to start here. So there will likely be a bunch of these posts (about 3) in rather short succession as I play catch up. Then The Monthly 50 will become a monthly entry.

So read more for a look at my February comics, listed in alphabetical order:

Action Comics #886
Adventure Comics with Black Lantern Superboy #7
Aladdin Legacy of the Lost #2
Azrael #5
Batgirl #7
Batman #696
Batman and Robin #8
Batman and Robin #9
Batman Confidential #41
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Special #1
Batman Streets of Gotham #9
Batman Widening Gyre #5
Blackest Night #7
Booster Gold #29
Brave and the Bold #32
Captain Swing #1
Choker #1
Complete Alice in Wonderland #4
Detective Comics #862
Devil #1
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep #9
Doom Patrol #7
Gotham City Sirens #9
Great Ten #4
Greek Street #8
Green Lantern #51
Green Lantern Corps #45
Joe the Barbarian #2
Justice League Cry for Justice #7
Legendary Talespinners #1
Pilot Season Stellar #1
Powers #4
Red Robin #9
Resurrection Vol 2 #9
Supergirl #50
Superman #697
Sweet Tooth #6
Teen Titans #80
Tiny Titans #25
Titans #22
Unwritten #10
Victorian Undead #4

Total: 42 comics

Keep in mind that these are the comics that were scheduled to come out in February, but the actual release dates often get delayed for various reasons. For example, I’m not really expecting my Complete Alice in Wonderland, Pilot Season, or Powers to actually come in with this shipment as their January issues have yet to be released at this point.

Most Anticipated:
Tiny Titans #25 – It’s an anniversary issue and Geoff Johns helped write it. I’m not really a Johns fan girl (although I am enjoying Blackest Night) but I just think the idea that they were able to get someone so high profile to help with this comic is great! I’m sure they all had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to check it out.

The Unwritten #10 – This comic falls under the want-more-now category each time I finish an issue. The last issue was a bit out of the action, but I have a feeling it was all to give us perspective for the coming issue. Very excited!

Bottom of the Stack:
Justice League Cry for Justice #7 – I’ll just be glad when this one is over. I thought the art was pretty awesome from the previews I saw and I really hoped it would be decent, but so far as I have read at this point I feel it’s rather flat and uninteresting. And the whole thing with Roy Harper just seemed amazingly unnecessary. Maybe the ending will surprise me, but I’ll admit that this will probably be the last thing I read when it finally makes its way to me. And that I’ll be glad not to see it on my pull list from now on.

That’s my month in a nut shell. Feel free to weigh in on all the great books I’m missing out on or the titles you’re skipping this month. But I won’t get to see these comics till March, so in your comments remember that spoiler free is the way to be!

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