Monday, February 22, 2010

Pull List by the number - February

A bunch of numbers that don’t really mean anything, but I find interesting to look at. It helps me see where my interests are going with comics.

Total comics this month: 42
Change from last month: 0

Company Run Down
DC: 27
Vertigo (DC): 4
Wildstorm (DC): 1
Icon (Marvel): 1
Image: 1
Top Cow (Image): 1
Dark Horse: 1
BOOM!: 1
Dynamite Entertainment: 2
Oni: 1
Radical: 1
Avatar Press: 1

Average price I paid: $2.06

On-goings: 28
Miniseries: 13
One Shots: 1

First Issues: 4
Final Issues: 2

Batman related books: 12
Superman related books: 4
Blackest Night related books: 4

Have an idea for another stat I should keep track of? How does your pull list compare?

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